Investment Philosophy

Investment management is an integral component of an individual and family's financial picture. Wealth accumulation through equity market and fixed income investments are the driving force that help us meet our short and long term goals.

Money Management

Researching and selecting securities is a full-time occupation. It not only involves extensive amounts of time but also expertise and global coverage. As a Certified Financial Planner, I spend a great deal of time helping clients plan and organize their finances to more effectively meet their goals. I do not have the time required to properly make individual securities selection for client's portfolios so it is a role that I fill through the use of professional money managers. Mutual funds allow investors to access professional fund management inexpensively while tapping into the expertise and resources required to properly manage investments.

Fund Manager Selection

Although I do not spend a great deal of time researching and following individual companies for a portfolio, there is a significant amount of due diligence that goes into fund manager selection. Active fund management allows investors to outperform individual market indexes but the key is to select an individual or time with a proven track record. I have a select group of fund managers that I utilize on a regular basis for client portfolios. It's my job to follow these managers on a regular basis, understanding their investing philosophy and outlook on the market while communicating important information to clients.

Geographic Allocation

Canada represents less than 3% of the global economy, yet when I meet with someone for the first time, I often see an overweighting of domestic investments in their portfolio. I agree that our rich resource country provides opportunity for portfolio growth due to the appetite of emerging markets but over allocating introduces potentially greater volatility. Ensuring a spread of assets amongst various economic zones around the world gives investors great opportunity for gains without putting too many eggs in one basket.

Asset Allocation

I've had the opportunity to work with and learn from many other financial planners/advisors over the years. One thing that I've noticed when it comes to asset allocation is that many overexpose their clients to equities. Although equities have historically provided stronger returns, fixed incomes should make up some component of most investor's portfolio because of their tendency to lower overall volatility. Reducing equity exposure may reduce long-term performance marginally in the long-run but limiting investor anxiety in the short-run is important in asset allocation.

In addition to lower volatility, some fixed incomes have a tendency to perform very well during certain points in the economic cycle (ex: high yield bonds during recessions).