The Plan


Studies have shown that creating a plan and regularly reviewing it significantly increases the probability that a goal will be achieved. The reason for this may be different for each individual and may depend on one's personality, but ultimately constructing a plan allows us to keep our most important desires in focus.

Whether your financial goals are big or small and whatever the timeline, I am confident that anyone can benefit from the financial planning process.

Your goals are the the key ingredient of the financial plan. Although you may know roughly what your goals are, it's important that they be defined. I've worked with many individuals and couples in the planning process and have learned that this can be a challenge for some. My role is to lend knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.

The Process


Everyone situation is unique but the objective of the planning process is essentially the same; to create a plan and apply it.

The process may include one or more of the following aspects of personal finances:

  • retirement planning
  • debt management
  • estate planning
  • risk exposure and minimization
  • education planning
  • tax planning

The process may take a while to complete, depending on the situation, but it's important to be committed from start to finish.