February 7, 2017

Markets, Statements and Taxes

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The beginning of widespread Internet use in the 1990s brought us into the age of information. With gadgetry now in the palm of our hands, many believe we now live in an age of entertainment. All the information I seem to be getting these days has left me feeling anything but entertained though. Whether you’re pro or anti Trump, I’m sure you realize the new President of the United States (and former star of The Apprentice) will play a major role in global events over the next several years. Reality TV appears to be degrading society in a much greater way than first thought…

Trump’s move into the white house has had some upbeat spinoffs – investment markets, mostly North American, experienced large gains in late 2016 (Dow Jones 18.4%, S&P 500 12%, S&P/TSX 21.1%). This on talk of tax reforms for corporations and general business-friendly mood of the new administration, which has left investors feeling confident. Several fund managers we invest with see short to mid-term upside in the US (meaning good potential for positive returns). But beyond the promise of lower tax rates, corporations are strong and sit well in a global economy that has room to grow. Many global equity funds hold vast amounts of US names in their portfolios and seem content to remain invested in this part of the world for now. It’s the main thing I continue to keep my eye on for two reasons: 1) Trump’s protectionism could hinder the US economy 2) portfolios could get too overweight in US allocation as fund managers become too bullish. It’s a developing situation and rest assured I will continue to monitor and make recommendations to your holdings.

For those who do not access accounts online and mainly track investment assets through physical statements, note that Worldsource has been delayed by a week with year-end statements. There have been many changes in the presentation of these statements in order to provide investors with greater insight into their holdings. I welcome the change as I found previous statements to be quite vague. Should you have any questions on these statements upon arrival, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m also happy to assist anyone who does not have or has forgotten login information for online accounts.

We’re also moving closer to tax time…April 30th will be here quicker than you think! If taxes is something I have assisted you with in the past, or is something you would like me to being processing this year, please feel free to let me know once all your tax stubs are in and you are ready to go.

Thanks for taking the time to read – I appreciate your business and value the opportunity to continue working with you in the future!


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